Credits and HÍ SW̱ KE/Gratitudes


The Untitled ṮEṮÁĆES map, the first haptic map prototype, was built collaboratively. Kim Shortreed came up with the concept for a "haptic map" as part of his PhD project, "Contracolonial Practices in Salish Sea Namescapes." Kim brought the idea to TEMOSEṈ Chazz Elliott and they co-created the concept for the Untitled ṮEṮÁĆES map. TEMOSEṈ designed and carved the outside panels with help from Matthew Parlby-Elliott. Kim built the map's structure (with help from TEMOSEṈ, Matt, and Ben Olsen) and the interactive islands. Jesse Campbell painted the seascape horizon.



In-kind Contributions


  • STOLȻEȽOT Addie (painting and finishing)
  • Ben Olsen (map construction)
  • Jillian Player (design input and voice)
  • Colleen Player (voice)
  • ȻEȻÁYELW1ET (voice)
  • ZEUḴEN (voice)

Heartfelt HÍ SW̱ KE/thanks to...

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