Place-name changes in and around the Salish Sea

image of a Salish Sea map

Image from Erica Simek Sloniker and the TNC.

This is a running list of links, in date order, to articles and information related to what some call Indigenous toponymic resurgence: the reclamation and creation of Indigenous-language place names. I also include articles and more that ask us to consider this resurgence in new ways.

This list will not have everything, but I am doing my best to keep it updated as the changes roll in. I am mostly focused on the Salish Sea and the West Coast but acknowlegdge that these welcome changes are happening across Turtle Island/North America. I want to keep track of these changes to show that all the hard work is paying off.

It takes time for settler bureaucracies, like the British Columbia Geographical Names Office, to change, but as Tsawout hereditary Chief WEC'KINEM (Eric Pelkey) said of the recent (August, 2022) and long fought-for official name change of Mount Douglas to PKOLS, such renamings are another step forward on the road to reconciliation.

Place-name changes list

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