Latest haptic map updates

The Salish Sea horizon that helped to inspire the haptic map's design.

We have moved past the concept phase and into building the map, which now has a name: the Unititled/ṮEṮÁĆES map. TEMOSEṈ and I made radical changes to the first concept, which looked more like a conventional Western-style/W̱ENITEM map. We realized that we needed to make the map feel more like the experience of being in place, not looking down upon it like some kind of surveyor—think horizons, islands, ocean, and expansiveness.

In funding news, we hit our targets to be able to pay TEMOSEṈ properly for the work and to purchase materials! This is thanks to a collection of funders who will be named and celebrated once everything has been approved, but it's great to have this critical financial support in place!

A local gallery wants to show the Unititled/ṮEṮÁĆES map in early fall, 2023! Details to follow, but this is an amazing opportunity to get the piece out there and experienced by as many people as possible.

Continued thanks to the First Peoples Cultural Council and the W̱SÁNEĆ School Board for the guidance for working respectfully and appropriately with the SENĆOŦEN place names we want to use as part of the map.


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