Latest haptic map updates

Thanks to TEMOSEṈ (@temoseng) and Matthew Parlby-Elliott, and special thanks to mural artist Jesse Campbell (who did the incredible work on the painted seascape), the Unititled ṮEṮÁĆES map was presented as part of my successful PhD defense on May 15th at the University of Victoria. See the UVic announcement here.

The Unititled ṮEṮÁĆES map will show at the UVic Legacy Gallery Downtown in early fall, 2023! Details to follow, but this is an amazing opportunity to get the piece out there and experienced by as many people as possible. We also have a couple of other shows in the works, so check back here, or follow Kim on Instagram.

See the Untitled ṮEṮÁĆES Map HÍ SW̱ KE post for more credits and gratitudes.


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